Its Panta again. :) One year ago we made our blog post about 1.1 upgrade, and all upgrades where implemented. Now we are talking about our 1.2 upgrade and what you can expect from the future updates.

We did a lot of small fixes to our website and some improvements to make ordering more user friendly. We added more payment methods, currencies and more. We will not go into too much details about our site upgrades, but lets talk about the stuff that might be of interest to our customers.


A lot prices have been changed, something has been reduced, and other products like HotS have prices increased. When we released HotS Boosting we did not do a good job at the beginning and we are very sorry for that.Right now we have some very good boosters on all servers so delays like that dont happen any more. 

We added account/smurf selling for some games, that means you can buy a new account from us for your favorite game. Some services have been removed or merged to make ordering more easy.


When we launched coaching it went ok, I guess, but with 1.2 upgrade we are making some improvements there. Each coach or a group of coaches will have their own service on our website, so you can choose and customize coaching to your liking.


YES, we added a new game to our services Overwatch. You can buy Rank boosting, leveling and calibration right now.


We sent emails to all our customers that our skype was hacked. Let me explain what happened. Somehow a hacker got our password for the skype we used, that had more than 2600 contacts, and apparently if someone knows your password he can change the email password and other contact information without any confirmation. YES thats skype :) After the hacking we contacted the support explaining what happened and tried to get it back, and it took them (no joke) 4 days to see that the account was hacked.

The hacker spammed our contacts with offers like cd keys etc and some customers got tricked :( We did provided them with some kind of bonus, so that they didn’t lose all of their money and the service. We learned from the error and right now we updated to new skype with a Microsoft account and there you can have better security upgrades.


Right now if you buy a big boost in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive or Dota you will get some bonus in wins or MMR, but we dont offer these kind of promotions on all our services. Our plan is that each game has its own bonus what you can get if you buy a bigger boost, we will keep you updated with our promotions soon.


We want to localize our website. What we mean by that is that if, for example you speak German, you will be able to use our website in German language. Thats our biggest upgrade plan for 1.3. And we want to add some more security to our whole website and some small design upgrades when we hit 1.3.

And I want to thank you all again who support our work and buy our services, it was a great year thank you very much.