A big update is coming these spring to Hearthstone, now you can play ranked in Standard and Wild Game Mode.

Ben Brode explains what are thoso changes you can check it out here.

Standard Game Mode:

Standard is a new format in Play mode that allows players to go head-to-head using only the most recently released Hearthstone cards.

For the 2016:

Blackrock Mountain
The Grand Tournament
The League of Explorers
The Spring 2016 Expansion

Nax and GvG will not be part of the Standard.

You’ll play Standard using a deck built solely from a pool of cards that were released in the current and previous calendar year, along with a core foundation of the Basic and Classic card sets (which will always be valid for Standard). You’ll be matched against other players who are also using Standard decks.

Wild Game Mode:

Wild is the old mode you know, because it’ll be the format where anything can happen. All cards are available here, when you queue up for Wild, you’ll be cozying up with the crazy fun of Hearthstone you’re already familiar with. Of course, as more and more cards are added over time, the wilder and more unpredictable Wild will be!

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More Deck Slots:

With the new update you will now have 18 decks slot not just 9, the only requirments is that you unlocked all 9 heroes.

Expansions and Adventures:

Adventures and Expansions that are not part of the Standard format will no longer be available for purchase from the Shop this year, that includes Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes. If you want any cards you missed out on for Wild play or just to fill out your collection, you’ll be able to craft them using Arcane Dust even cards from Adventures that were previously un-craftable.

If you’ve purchased at least the first wing of an Adventure before it cycled out, you’ll still be able to finish acquiring and playing the remaining wings.