We’ve created a guide with many smokes and Molotov’s for Cache. Here we will demonstrate them and explain the best use for them and how to play them into your own advantage.
First, we’ll start with smokes that are usually used by the CT side as to prevent an early push or provide a safe passage against Terrorists.



If you're playing as a Counter-Terrorist and holding the B site, throwing this smoke is a must. It will stop the early aggression from Terrorists and if you want to hold a closer angle, maybe from checkers, you can safely cross there.



There are two ways to block of the garage on middle with a smoke when you're a CT. Both are quite easy and if you're playing middle it's necessary to throw the smoke and block of their view. Because there is a boost on middle also, if you smoke the garage, you will have 1 less angle to worry about.



If you're playing A site, smoking of A main is mandatory. Here you can see two ways to smoke it off. They're both easy smokes to throw.


This smoke will block of the angle that is usually held with an AWP. It will also allow you as a Terrorist to get to the sun room and prepare your execute for B site. I usually throw this smoke even when I'm the only one getting close to B site. It will usually result with a CT coming to checkers and trying to get a read on the situation to see how many Terrorists are there. That can be an easy kill for you and you will create a big advantage for your team.


There are many ways to smoke of CT spawn when you want to enter the B site. This is one of them. If smoke is in front of you and you are not sure where to throw it. This will make it easy for you.


If you're doing a fast rush onto the B site, this smoke will land perfectly to block of the view from CT spawn. It's quite easy to throw and you don't even have to slow down.


If however the CT spawn has been already smoked off in another way, you can also easily smoke of heaven from the same position. This smoke can also be thrown while running.


If however you want to do the full execute to B site, the CT spawn smoke can also be thrown from the sun room. It's quite easy to throw it too.


When rushing the A site, Terrorists usually throw this smoke to block of short as it's the easiest one and can be thrown without stopping.


If you don't have a molotov but want to block of quad on A site, throwing this smoke will allow you to do so. You can time it with your teammates to land at the same time as the smoke for short. So you have a better chance at entering the site.


Smoking of the ladder or heaven on A site can be useful when doing a full execute onto the A site.


If you smoke off short, there will be a slight gap where you can be spotted from car. Throwing this smoke will eliminate that problem.


Throwing this smoke is good if you want to have someone push middle fast to try and get a pick as the CT is crossing to the white box on short or when you have someone boosting on middle fast.


This is a great way to do a split push onto the B site. Two players will create a wall of smokes on middle, so they can cross to the vents. At the same time your teammates can do an execute for B site.

Molotov or Incediary Grenades


Throwing molotovs is great to clear angles on the site. This molotov will land on triple boxes on B site. If you throw all the molotovs on the site, the CT wont be able to stay on site and you'll have an easy kill.


This one will land in the headshot area. That angle is a great advantage for the CTs. Throwing a molotov there will help you out a lot.


This molotov will land in the middle of the site. It can also be used in the after plant position. The usual spot for the bomb plant is close to the small box, so you can have an angle from checkers also.


Throwing this one will make the CT playing in quad to switch angles and pull back to the site.


If you throw this molotov right after the quad one, the player holding that angle won't have any place to run to and will have to face you.


You can also throw the molotov to the forklift position. As that is also usually the position the CTs play from.


That molotov can also be thrown from squeaky, and it's quite easy also.


If you're in the after plant position stuck in squeaky. You can throw this molotov to try and keep the CTs from defusing the bomb. It won’t always be easy to throw because they can kill you through the door, but you might find a use for it.