We’ve created a guide with many smokes and molotovs for Dust 2. Here we will demonstrate them and explain the best use for them and how to play them into your own advantage.
First we’ll start with smokes that are usually used by the CT side as to prevent an early push or provide a safe passage against Terrorists.


There are a few variations on how to smoke the middle, so you can safely pass through middle toward B site.


Here we can see that this one doesn’t block the doors but still lands covering the middle of the doors. This one has a few uses. You can throw it so that the sniper can peek in front of it with the AWP. As it always is, it’s risky to take that peek. That’s because it’s obviously the only spot you can do it when that smoke lands. So the enemy with an AWP can hold the angle and get an easy kill if you’re not fast enough. The other use is that you pass toward B through the smoke. The enemy won’t be able to spot you and it’s as safe as it can be to pass to the B site. You can also use it if you’re going to stack the B site.


This one is my personal favorite. It provides a safe passage for your teammate that’s holding the B site, and also gives you an option to peek with the AWP above the smoke. It’s a little bit harder to spot the enemies as you’re still aiming through the smoke but it’s also the same for the enemy team. If you have a good eye, you will have an advantage.


This is a smoke for A long house. It can be thrown pretty fast as to prevent the push from the Terrorists. You can also give a fast boost to short to one of your teammates.


This is another example of a long A house smoke. From this position once you throw the smoke, you can also support the player that’s holding long. You can flash over and cover your teammate if he decides to pull back toward the A site.


Once you get a hold on how to throw this smoke fast, it can be really effective. It will block of the T spawn so their AWP player won’t be able to spot you, and you can push to lower tunnels or to top middle.


This one can be used effectively on both the CT side and T side. If your teammate calls that there’s a top mid presence going toward short, you can throw it from long to slow down the push from Terrorists. Also it is useful if you’re on T side and know that there are CTs on short, so you can obstruct the visibility that they have on A site.


This one can also be used on both the CT side and T side. As a CT, it’s useful in the after-plant position to block the tunnels when retaking the B site. But on the T side, if you’re push from middle to B site and you know that the CTs have pushed the tunnels you can smoke them off and take the site easier.


This smoke is useful when pushing the B site. It will give you one less angle to check when entering the site. It can also be thrown as a decoy before you push the middle or your teammates short.


This is a fast smoke from car in front of T spawn that lands on the corner of A long. That position is the usual spot that the CTs take when holding long. It can play in your advantage if the CTs decide to push it or try and go over it, as you will be able to spot them before they see you as they’re going through the smoke.


Once you have long control, this smoke can be used to further push toward A site. If the CTs have an AWP on middle, this smoke will obstruct it’s vision as it blocks all vision from CT spawn and middle toward long. But you will still have to clear out the close angles to long and elevator.


This smoke can be used when pushing from short to A site. It will block off the angle from A ramp which is usually held by the AWP. Usually when pushing from short to A site, there are too many angles to check. This will give you one less angle to worry about. Also this one can be used in addition to one more smoke that blocks off goose so you can plant for short and pull back there without taking the whole control of the A site.


You can also smoke CT spawn from short. If your teammates are pushing long and have no smoke, this will help them out. As you can see it’s a deep CT smoke so you can help them clear out the elevator and close positions toward long.


This smoke is useful if you want to push fast B. You will smoke middle doors so the CTs can spot if you go toward A.


This is a usual CT smoke from x box on middle. It’s useful when pushing mid to B site. It blocks the vision from CT spawn and A long.


This is a smoke for x box on middle from boxes in front of A long house. This smoke will allow you to push catwalk toward short without being spotted from CT middle.


This one is another x box smoke, but this one is from lower tunnels. There are many ways to smoke x box, but I think these two are the easiest and fastest to throw.


These are some of the most used spots to molotov regardless of if you’re on T or CT side.


These are two fast incendiaries that are great when retaking the B site. If you and your teammate throw both of these it will cover the whole site and push the Terrorists to the more open are where they’re more vulnerable.


This one can be effective on both sides. If you pushed from mid to B as a Terrorists and you know one guy is on plateau, you can use this molotov to push him out. And if you’re retaking the B site as a CT, usually one Terrorist will stay there and watch the tunnels. So it’s effective on both sides.


Another good incendiary when retaking the B site. Someone will always hold close doors, so you can throw this grenade to move him to a more open space without much cover.


This incendiary lands on the car on B site and is also very good when retaking B site.


This incendiary can be used to slow down the push from Terrorists to B site, if you’re uncertain whether or not they’re already on site. But it can also be used if you’re retaking the B site and know for sure that someone is holding from tunnels.


If Terrorists get B site and you are rotating slowly, they will most likely push to the box outside of B. This is a great incendiary to throw to push them out.


This one can be thrown fast and be used to stop a push from Terrorists toward A long.


When pushing as a Terrorist toward A long, you can throw this molotov from A long house that lands on car. It will roast potential CTs camping there or an AWP holding an angle.


When pushing from short to A site, this molotov is great to push CTs from A site to ramp or goose. It will eliminate the deadly position from site.


This incendiary is used to stop a push from short to A site. It is very effective and will buy you some time to get into a better position, or just slow them down so your teammates have enough time to rotate.