Money is the most important aspect of gameplay. Whichever team controls the economy can practically set the pace for the game, or at least the round that is being played. 
Players start out a match with a specified amount of $800. You receive money for completing rounds, and you are even more rewarded for winning a round. Players use money to buy various weapons and equipment. Keeping track of your teams and enemy team’s economy means that you can have a better clue on whether you should upgrade your guns or stay on the ones that you already have.

Completing rounds gives $3250 to the team that eliminates all enemy players or if they get a win with time running out. Terrorists get $3500 if the bomb explodes, and if Counter-Terrorists defuse the bomb they get $3500 instead.
If Terrorists were able to plant the bomb but lose the round, all Terrorists receive an $800 bonus.
Knife kill gives you $1500.
Pistol kill gives you $300, but if you use a CZ75-Auto your kill reward is $100.
Submachine gun (SMG) kill gives you $600, with an exception of P90 which gives you $300.
Shotgun kill gives you $900.
Rifle kill gives you $300, but a kill with an AWP gives you $100.
Grenade kill gives you $300.

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Now comes the important aspect of keeping track of money. There’s a thing called a loss bonus. The team that loses a round gets $1400 (+ $800 if bomb was planted). If you keep losing rounds the loss bonus is going to increase. Losing 2 rounds in a row gets you $1900 (+800 bonus is always when you plant the bomb as T). Losing 3 rounds in a row gets you $2400. You can see that it’s increasing by $500. After losing 5 rounds in a row, you reach the maximum bonus for lost rounds you can get, which is $ 3400.

Keep in mind that if you, for example, lose 4 rounds and get the bonus of +$2900, then win the round, and then lose the next round, you will be back at the start with only $1400. That’s why keeping track of economy is very important. If you are dominating a team, and they finally manage to win a round, if you get the next one they won’t have money to buy again and will have to go eco in order to be able to buy in the next round.
There are also some penalties that cost you money. Team killing will result in a penalty of -$300. So don’t kill your teammates, because you can also get banned from the server. :)
Players who committed suicide will not receive any round-end money to discourage "denying" (prevent the enemy from getting a kill award by committing suicide). Also if you’re a Terrorist and survive after the time has run out you will not receive any round-end money.


Here we will give you some examples and guide you through on when should you buy and what to buy. First round, as stated before, is the most important one. First we will cover what to do if you win the first round.

So you won the first round, now comes the part where you need to buy guns for the upcoming round. Keep in mind that if you’re not playing with 5 premade teammates, some of them maybe won’t know right course of action, meaning they won’t know what to buy and will probably just buy AK-47/M4A1 right away. So we will explain it like you’re playing with premades. 

Usually it is recommended that you buy 2 rifles and 3 SMGs, but depending on the map you’re playing a scout may come in handy (e.g. on map Dust II). Players with rifles should hold long angles because enemies will have upgraded pistols and you have advantage over them because of range. Players with SMGs should be playing close angles as all SMGs have fast fire rate and you can shoot with them fairly accurate even when running/jumping. If your teammates with rifles die, you should try and save them for the upcoming round. You won that round and you don’t have to upgrade your SMG to a rifle. 

Why is that? Because the enemy team forced and now they have minimal money, around $2000. They will need to save it for the upcoming gun round. That round should be fairly easy to win. Next round is the important one. Generally, it is advised to upgrade existing SMGs to rifles for the gun round, because the enemy will have an advantage over you if you don’t. But if you’re e.g. CT and holding an off angle, it can go into your advantage even with an SMG over a rifle. But considering that you’re a beginner, you should upgrade to a rifle. 

Now, if you win this round also, enemies won’t have much money but keep the loss bonus in mind. They’ve lost 4 round in a row, so that means that they will have an additional +$2900 to what they already had, they can still buy an upgraded pistol and have money left for the next buy round. So then again, if you died the previous round, you don’t have to buy a rifle as you can go with an SMG instead and try to farm up some money.

You lost the first round and you’re wondering if you should save the money or force buy. If you’re on the Terrorist side and you also didn’t manage to plant the bomb, you should force buy. That means buying upgraded pistols (Tec9 or Deagle) + armor. If you managed to plant the bomb, you should save and maybe buy a P250 only and try to get a kill. If you win the force round you should upgrade to SMGs or rifles because the enemy team will then force buy and you should play the long range game. But if you lose the second round where you forced, you will have to play eco for 2 round (if you’re a Terrorist and you manage to plant the bomb, 1 eco round will be enough).

So important part is keeping track of the rounds and what kind of equipment the enemy team had. If they had upgraded pistols and Kevlar, or SMGs or if they went full eco. That should give you an insight on what to do in the upcoming round. Whether you should force/upgrade your current guns.