There are 6 different categories to choose from when you open the Buy menu. Opening the Buy menu is easy. Just press B on your keyboard. 
You will be presented with this:

We will go through all of them and explain the differences between them. If for any reason you need leveling in cs go we can do it for you.

At the start of the game you will spawn with a pistol in your hand. Depending on if you’re CT (CounterTerrorist) or T (Terrorist) you will spawn with either USP-S/P2000 or Glock-18. You may be wondering why the CT side has 2 pistols to choose from. Well that’s just the way it is. Both of them are on the 1st pistol slot and you have the option of choosing which on you want to use. 

As you can see, the differences between USP-S and P2000 are slim. USP-S only has 36 bullets in 3 magazines and P2000 has a lot more ammunition. Starting CTs pistols deal more damage and are more accurate than the one on the T side (Glock-18). It is possible to kill your enemy with USP-S/P2000 from a greater distance with only 1 bullet in the head. Whereas Glock-18 is not so powerful so you have to get closer to your enemies to be able to kill them with 1 bullet. 

Lets talk about the pistol loadout now. We will start with the CT side.

USP-S  is a powerful pistol, especially in that first round. Since it has small amount of ammo, you will have to be  really accurate and conserve your ammo. This is one  of those pistols that require a lot of practice to master. 

is also deadly accurate from a greater distance. It has a considerable amount of ammo, so you don’t have to  worry that much about running out of it. It’s a great  starting pistol that certainly gives you an advantage  against terrorists. 

P250 considering it only costs $300, it’s a worthy upgrade  over your starting pistol. It deals more damage as it has greater armor penetration, but it has a less  accurate firing range. P250 is a good option when you want to save up money during eco rounds. 


is a go-to pistol for professional players around the world during force buys and eco rounds. It has a small magazine, and extremely fast firing speed. With that in mind, you can be out of ammo really fast. CZs recommended use is in close combat. CZ75 uses the same slot as Five-SeveN. Five-SeveN has a much greater magazine than CZ75-Auto. It is great for close combat and not so accurate on a long range battle. Five-SeveN deals a lot of damage in close range battles and I recommend it over CZ to beginners. 

Desert Eagle  is also known as the hand cannon. It is highly accurate but hard to master. Only 1 bullet in the head is needed  to kill a fully armored enemy. It is the most expensive pistol you can buy in the first round and not a  recommended investment for players that are just starting with the game. 

Duall Berettas are very rarely used in matchmaking and professional games. They are highly inaccurate but have a lot of  ammo. Recommended use for Berettas is during casual matches. 

R8 Revolver  was introduced during a 2015 winter update. It was highly imbalanced and very powerful. Since then it has been updated and is not commonly used anymore. R8 delivers a highly accurate and powerful round at the expense of a lengthy trigger-pull. It uses the same slot as the Desert Eagle, so you will have to pick  between the two before the game. 

These pistols are all that are available on the Counter-Terrorist side. It is important to note that before the game you will have to go into the inventory and put the pistols you want to use in your loadout. It is not possible to, for example, switch between a Five-SeveN and CZ72-Auto mid game. 

Terrorists also have access to Dual Berettas, Desert Eagle/R8 Revolver, P250 and CZ72-Auto. So now we’ll go through the rest of the T side of the pistols.       

Glock-18  is only good in close combat. When using it, never go for body shots. It has a lot of ammunition but deals a small amount of damage. You should practice on deathmatch servers to aim for the head. 

Tec-9 is a lethal in close combat, but highly inaccurate on long range. It is a perfect investment when you’re saving up money and rushing a site.  
This concludes the chapter on pistols. We’ve gone through all of them and now you know the differences between each pistol. As stated, each pistol is different. Before investing in a pistol, you should always check your and your teams money situation. If you’re low on money, you shouldn’t buy. 

But if you can spare it, upgrading your pistol is always a good idea.