In the third part, we’ve covered all the SMG weapons that are available in both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. We’ve explained the differences and gave you some advice on when to use them or if it’s a worthy upgrade. Now we’re going to explain the next group of weapons, which are Rifles.

There are eleven guns in total to choose from, with 2 rifles that are available to the both teams and CT’s get to choose between 2 offered M4 rifles . So that means, 6 rifles for each team. We’ll go through the guns that are offered to the both teams first, and then cover the rest of them. We will also include spraying pattern for each weapon. All weapons have different fire pattern. What this means is that every weapon is different and you need to learn how to control its recoil if you decide to hold your mouse1 (left click) and spray. Keep in mind that fire pattern photos included in this post are all captured from the same distance and if you increase the distance you’re shooting at, it’ll only increase in size, making it even more inaccurate.

SSG 08 this gun is also commonly called “scout”. It’s got a scope, so you can zoom in by pressing right click. Scout will always deliver instant headshot kills but does not deal enough damage for an instant kill if you do a body shot. However if the target is unarmored and shot in the stomach, 1 bullet is also enough. SSG 08 is also very accurate when jumping or moving. It’s also very cheap and lightweight. You move even faster with a scout than a knife. It’s available to the both teams.

AWP this sniper rifle is the most powerful weapon in the game. With AWP you’re able to one-shot kill enemies anywhere but the legs, regardless of armor. It’s also quite expensive and you move slower with it. It’s really hard to master it as you need quick reflexes and precision. We didn’t include the spraying pattern for these two guns because of their slow fire rate. As you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you’ll just hold the left click with this gun.

available exclusively to CT’s, Famas is a good upgrade over the SMGs. It deals less damage than the M4 rifles but it also does cost a lot less. It has 2 firing modes. Automatic and burst. To switch between the two, press right click. Burst is more accurate on long range and has less recoil, but it’s fire rate is also slower. Automatic is less accurate on longer range but good for close combat.

Galil AR is Terrorist side exclusive FAMAS counterpart. It’s pretty cheap for an assault rifle $2000. It’s got a high rate of fire but it’s also very inaccurate on long range. Galil has a large magazine with 35 bullets, but it also deals small amount of damage to fully armored opponents.

is an extremely powerful assault rifle available exclusively to the Terrorists. It is one of the most powerful guns in the game known for its power and its range. Getting a headshot with an AK-47 is always a 1 shot kill, even against fully armored enemies. One of its disadvantages is that it loses accuracy after multiple shots fired. It’s also the most popular gun ever in the Counter-Strike series.

is more accurate but less damaging than its AK-47 counterpart. It has a larger magazine and more reserve ammo than the M4A1-S. It costs the same as the M4A1-s. But it does not have a silencer. Which means that if firing through the smoke, it’s easier to pinpoint the position of the enemies.

With a smaller magazine than its counterpart, the silenced M4A1 provides quieter shots with less recoil and better accuracy. Main advantage is that because of its silencer it has no traces when firing. It’s also quiet when firing.

is exclusive to the Terrorists. Its Counter-Terrorist counterpart is the AUG. It is one of the few guns capable of scoring fatal headshots against armored opponents. It’s the only rifle with 100% armor penetration, making headshots fatal even at extremely long range.

is exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists. It has the highest first shot accuracy out of any gun in the game. It also has the ability to zoom in but it deals less damage than its counterpart. It has a long reload time and it’s also expensive.

is a powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle available exclusively to the Terrorists. Alongside with its counterpart SCAR-20 they are known as being some of the most imbalanced weapons in the game due to their semi-automatic sniper rifle status. It deals high damage but has high recoil while firing continuously. It’s one of the most expensive guns available in the game.

is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists. It’s very expensive and also has the same disadvantages as the G3SG1. High recoil but deals high damage.

This concludes the part about rifles. In the next and also the last part of the weapons guide we will talk about available gear and grenades.
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