In CS:GO there are a few different ways you can fire your gun and control your recoil. It usually consists of three main techniques. They are known as spraying, tapping and burst firing. This guide won’t teach you how to properly execute each of these techniques but it will give you an insight on when it’s the right situation to use one over the other. With that said, we will go through all three types of shooting and explain it as best as possible.


Arguably it’s the one most commonly and most widely used technique in CS:GO. Spraying down enemies might look like the easiest of them all. One thing to keep in mind is that every weapon in CS:GO has its own spraying pattern. What that means is that you need to know every spray and recoil pattern that there is in game, if you’re going to be using spraying technique all the time. It also isn’t recommended, because at long range battles spraying is highly inaccurate because of the range. So this technique is viable only in close to medium range battles. To get better at spraying you need to practice it and learn the patterns. It’s easier and you’ll get a better grasp at it if you train it on the maps that are made just for that. You can find the map in workshop under name “Recoil Master”. 


Bursting might be one of my favorites. It can be used with almost every gun, and can be effective at every range. You should always burst a small amount of bullets, keep it to 3-5 at a time. Some weapons can kill with 3 bullets and some need a few more. Keep in mind that even when bursting you have some recoil you need to compensate for. If you just press a mouse button and hold it for a short amount of time, the recoil will go up. You will need to pull your mouse down slightly. How much you will need to pull depends on your sensitivity and DPI and how far along your enemy is.


This is one of the hardest shooting techniques. For this to work you need to have flawless aim and trigger control. It’s usually used only at long range battles, and usually only used with an AK47. Because unlike M4s available to the CTs, AK47 can kill with only 1 bullet. Tapping means that you shoot bullets 1 by 1. There’s a small amount of time that needs to pass between each shot so that they stay accurate (recoil resets). This has been improved (time decreased) in the recent update to CS:GO, which makes tapping a bit more viable. One of the professional players became quite famous because he was only tapping. That was his style. He’s got crazy aim, and still this technique can’t really be used in all situations. Keep the use of this style only for long range battles