In the second part, we’ve covered all the heavy weapons that are available in both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. We’ve explained the differences and gave you some advice on when to use them or if it’s a worthy upgrade. Now we’re going to explain the next group of weapons, which are SMGs.

There are six guns in total to choose from, with 1 being specific to each team. So that means, 5 SMGs for each team. We’ll go through the guns that are offered to the both teams first, and then cover the two guns that are specific to both CT’s and T’s. We will also include spraying pattern for each weapon.

All weapons have different fire pattern. What this means is that every weapon is different and you need to learn how to control its recoil if you decide to hold your mouse1 (left click) and spray. Keep in mind that fire pattern photos included in this post are all captured from the same distance and if you increase the distance you’re shooting at, it’ll only increase in size, making it even more inaccurate.

is located on the second slot under SMGs. It costs $1700 and that makes it a pretty good investment. It’s a great choice for versus eco rounds on both T and CT side. It also has a 300% kill award, so getting a few kills with it in one round would be pretty good for your economy.

costs even less than the MP7 and also has a greater armor penetration. That makes it a viable option even against fully armored opponents and a great alternative if you don’t have money to buy a rifle. But if you’re going against unarmored opponents, mp7/mac-10/mp7 or even bizon would be a better buy. I say that because if you die and enemy team takes your weapon, it gives them an unnecessary opportunity to win the round they should never have chance of winning.

this gun is a popular choice for many players that are just starting with the game. The reason for that is that P90 has great armor penetration and deals good damage. It also has a lot of bullets in the magazine. As you can see, it’s kill award is at 150%, that means that you get no bonus as you do with other SMGs. P90 is a viable gun even against fully armored opponents.

PP-Bizon is another gun that has a lot of bullets. It even has more bullets than P90 and costs less. The reason for this is the damage it deals and armor penetration. They’re both smaller than both UMP-45 and P90. It’s a great choice against unarmored enemies. It also gives you a 300% kill award.

is the least expensive gun in the game. It’s available only to the terrorist team. It’s located on the first slot under SMGs. It’s an inexpensive investment for the second round and not a big deal if the enemy team get ahold of it.

is Counter-Terrorist side exclusive gun. It’s slightly more expensive than the Terrorists side MAC-10. Overall it’s a good alternative to the MP7 as it’s less expensive and deals pproximately the same damage. It’s good in close range combat against unarmored opponents.

We’ve gone over the SMGs in this part, next we’re going to cover the rifles. Rifles represent the main weapons that are used throughout the game. They deal the most damage and are the most accurate on long range. And a side note we can play cs go placement games for you.