In CS:GO you have two teams. Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist team. Depending on which game mode you’re playing you may have an option to pick the side. If you’re playing competitive matchmaking you will be placed in a team randomly. This guide will be centered mostly towards those who want to play competitive mode and want to understand the game better. We will talk about each team separately and give advice on how and what to do throughout the game.

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We’ve been through all the weapons and utility available to the terrorists side, now we’ll talk about how to utilize it correctly in regards to yours and your teams economy. Terrorists have one objective in the whole game. Conquer a site and plant the bomb. Once the bomb has been planted, you need to make sure that the timer on the bombs gets to a point of no return. Once the bomb explodes the Terrorists win the round even if there are no more Terrorists alive. From the moment the bomb (C4) has been planted, you need to hold the site for 35 seconds before it explodes. Defusing the bomb without the defuse kit takes 10 seconds, and with a defuse kit 5 seconds. Because you’re playing competitive mode, Counter-Terrorists don’t spawn with a defuse kit, which means they have to invest in it. If they don’t have much money, they probably won’t have a defuse kit, especially in the first (pistol) round. 

First round is very important to both teams. If you as Terrorists win the first round and plant the bomb you will have enough money for a full buy (AK47 + Kevlar) in the second round. It is not recommended to do so as the Counter-Terrorists are most likely going to force buy (pistols or SMG + Kevlar or grenades) and can also easily win the round back. It is better to invest into some SMGs and grenades + Kevlar. You might ask yourself why? It’s because SMGs give you that extra money for every kill and it’s easier to run and shoot at enemies that are pushing you. If you win the second round, the third round should be a piece of cake because the enemy team won’t have much money to spend and they will have to save it for the upcoming gun round. If you as a Terrorist manage to survive the second round and still have the SMG it is recommended that you drop it on the ground and upgrade to the AK-47 because the enemy team is going to have M4s or Famas. Both of those weapons deal much more damage than any SMG and is more accurate on the longer range. 

As planting the C4 is the main objective, Terrorists are rewarded with extra money when they plant and even more if they win the round with the bomb exploding. If Terrorists plant the bomb but lose the round, all Terrorists receive an $800 bonus. If Terrorists win the round by bomb detonation they receive additional $3500. Keep in mind that if you as a Terrorist stay alive after the round time has passed, if you get killed in those few seconds before the next round starts you will not get any money. That means if you invest all your money in that round and don’t manage to save your gun + equipment for the next round, you will be left with $0.

Playing as a team is a must in competitive mode. Every player need to have his role. Usually when watching pro games you can clearly see different roles in action. Usually those roles are these. One person is the entry fragger. His role is to try and kill at least one person on the bomb site and give signal to his team to push it further. From this we gather that his main goal is to try and create an advantage for his team when pushing onto a site. There is usually one more person going behind him to make sure that if the enemy team gets a refrag, he kills him too. One person usually plays the AWP (sniper rifle), and depending on the map that is being played, he can also make the first (entry) frag. Terrorists need to rely more on tactics and perfect execution to be able to get onto the site more easily. Using smokes and flashes in the correct way is a perfect example of that. You will need to learn how to properly use smokes and flashes for each map, as every map is completely different. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to use them. :)


Counter-Terrorists have a rather simple objective. Stay on the site and keep the Terrorists from entering and planting the bomb. If you don’t manage to do that, you’re gonna have to retake the bomb site and defuse the bomb. As all maps have 2 bomb sites, players on CT side can’t all play together. You will have to decide on the map start which site you want to play. Depending on the map you’re playing, it’ll usually be 2 guys on one site, and 3 guys on the second site. If the map is e.g. Cache, you will usually see 1 person playing B site alone, 2 guys on the middle area and 2 players on A site. For CT side, it’s all about the fast rotation and making the duels go in your favor. It is crucial to be able to get a refrag, more important than it is on the Terrorist side. You might ask why is that ? It is because as stated above, CT players are scattered across the map, whereas Terrorists usually play together for proper executes. If there are 2 CTs on one site and one of them dies without the other player making a refrag and slowing down the Terrorists, they will be in a situation where it’s a great advantage for the Terrorists. Three people against one, or maybe even all five of them pushing one person. No matter how good a player is, they will overwhelm him. It is also important to understand how to use flashes, incendiary grenades and smokes to slow down the push from the Terrorists. As I stated in the Terrorists section, every map is different and you will have to practice how to throw smokes, flashes and other grenades more effectively. And also there’s a saying, “Don’t be a loser, buy a defuser.” :)

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how the both sides operate and what their objectives are. Next we will give you a better understanding of the economy and how to keep track of money earned after each round won or lost. Keeping track of the enemy team’s economy can give you a great advantage on what to buy in the upcoming round and how to position yourself on the map.