In Hearthstone once you reach 500 wins in ranked with a specific hero you will unlock a golden skin for that hero.

Here is how each hero looks once they reach 500 wins, and under we will explain how to farm them the best way.

Maybe you know we offer the golden hero farm on our website, that means we will play on your account and get you 500 wins, or depending on your account how many wins you need for the specified class.

The way we do it, at least we think that’s the best way, is to stay on rank 20 once you win a few games and get to rank 18, and then you start surrendering until you’re back to rank 20.

This doesn't require any skill. To get the golden variant it’s simple grind, win – surrender and repeat until you have 500 wins or we can do it for you.

Some classes are easier to grind than others, for example a facehunter or zoolock is very easy to grind, because the games and shorter and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose it’s simply fast.

But some other classes like rogue or paladin take more time to get to 500 wins, our tip is make a deck using low value minions to dominate the board faster and win, or lose fast.

If you choose to grind it yourself do around 30 wins per day and you will earn 100 gold each day if you win more you will not earn extra gold.