If your new to the MOBA genre and don’t know which game is right for you. Here’s our suggestion.

There are hundreds of different MOBA titles, but we think for beginners Heroes of the Storm is the right choice.
It’s not popular like LoL or Dota but it’s still a Blizzard game and we can say it takes the third place on the popularity meter.

Why do we suggest HotS as your first MOBA title ? Because in comparison to DOTA and LoL, HotS is the simplest one. That’s because there are no items, no level differences, no creep denying etc.
Like all the most popular MOBAs its free to play. You can invest money in the game to unlock skins for your favorite heroes, but there is no need for that when you’re a beginner.

To start you need to make an account and download the game. If you already have the blizzard battle-net app, simply go on Heroes of the Storm and click install (the big blue button.)

We would highly suggest that you play the tutorial first. Below is our small HotS guide for beginners, what to do to have a good start.

Game of HotS consists of 2 teams that both have 5 players each and you compete on a map, there are 11 unique maps at this moment.
Your job is to choose a hero and control it on the map. There are different heroes with different roles in Heroes of the Storm.
If you, for example, decide to play a mage assassin its completely different then playing a support healer or a tank. It is recommended that you at first try all roles and see which fits your play-style.
While playing any of the game modes, you will earn experience for your account and for the hero. Hots leveling progression guide has all the rewards you get when reaching each level.

To unlock heroes you need gold and you get gold by playing games and finishing quests, each day you get 1 new quest.
If on some days you don’t have time to play, don’t worry as you won’t lose your quest as you can have up to 3 quests at a time.

Before starting your first game it’s recommended that you play a game against AI before you get into a real fight with real opponents. :)
When you have certain requirements meet you can even play ranked where you have a division depending on how good you are.

But let’s get back to the AI fight, bellow on the picture you can see how to start the game vs AI and only AI there you can practice a bit and level up your heroes.

Best would be to select a hero depending on your quest, click ready and wait for the game to load, you can read the map objectives in the loading screen.

There are 11 maps at this moment and all of them have very similar gameplay. There are 1-3 lanes where you farm and fight heroes.
And on special evens (explained on the loading screen) that’s where each map differs.

Now read your abilities, choose a lane and start fighting. Don’t push close to the towers when no creeps are around, wait for the special even and do it.
When you fight target the minions and heroes so you will level up in-game, these have nothing to do with the above leveling rewards.
These are in-game hero levels and on each new level you can choose a talent upgrade.

Now finish the game and do a few more games with different roles and see what best works for you.
And you can try playing versus AI but with other human players in your team.

When you feel comfortable enough you can try quick matches and play them to level up your heroes.

These are our suggestions on how to start playing Heroes of the Storm. If you want you can choose HotS coaching from us to give you a better head start.