Hi :) I am Panta, the owner of Gramno. I would like to thank you all for the great success we have had since launching our site.

When we first launched our site, we didn’t get everything right, and so we have continued to fix these things to make it more user friendly and enjoyable for you to use. Within this, we have also added some new features to help! As we have also made a lot of behind the scenes changes, it’s not all apparent, but I will run through our most important changes we’ve implemented to ensure you’re experience is the best.

The most important change we’ve implemented is what you’re reading now. Our blog! We’ve also changed our homepage, to make sure the relevant information is all there, as well as including our blog, and we look to keep you updated every 1-2 months with information about our service, games and more!

Minor site updates:
We now have a newsletter subscription service. Similar to our blog, sign up there, and you will get updates about our services and more!
Our menu bar has also had a redesign. It’s a dropdown module, meaning that it’s tidier and gives you all the services we offer in the obvious places, to make it easier for you to find what you want!
Skype support has also arrived! Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll be able to click the Skype support button!

New services:
When we started, we had few services to offer. Since then, we offer twice as much, and are excited to say that we’ve recently added Heroes of the Storm to the range of services we offer! We’ve also added coaching for all of our services except WoW, and we have brilliant coaches who do this for a living, so you’re really getting the best!
Chat and rank restrictions no longer need to be feared, as that is another service that we are now offering, as well as many more, including farming services for quests and levelling up!

Price Reduction:
We understand that you don’t want to spend all your money on our services, and so we’ve worked hard to lower our prices so that you can get more enjoyment from using our services! This applies to LoL boost, Golden Hero Portrait, Referrals and WoW Conquest Farm.

We understand that it’s not just those close to us that we support, but all of you from around the world, and so we’re working hard to update our Facebook page to make it more appealing for all of our international customers!
Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page here and give us a like: https://www.facebook.com/Gramno

What’s coming up next?
We’re always looking to satisfy both new and old customers. Therefore, with our 1.2 update, we’ll be introducing loyalty discounts (counts for all existing and previous orders!) and also to make communication easier!
Along with that, we’re looking to offer more services, and allow you to pay in whichever way you please, by offering more payment gateways! More information will come for this over the next few months, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out!

Finally, if you have any suggestion feel free to email us at:info@gramno.net