Recruit a friend is finally available in Hearthstone, you will be able to get a Shaman skin called Morgl the Oracle and up to 4 standard packs.

The good part is we can help you with the raf in Hearthstone just order our daily quest farm and select 30 wins, when we ask for login info say its for Morgl and will tell where to send invite.


These is how Morgl looks like ingame, and to get him you need to recruit a friend in Hearthstone, when your friend or us get to level 20 on 1 hero or total level is 20 across all heroes you get the awesome rewards.

That`s not all, you can get up to 4 standard pack if 4 other friends reach level 20 on 1 hero or across them all.

There are some requirements you need to fulfill before starting to recruit:

You must have a battlenet account.

Your recruits must not have a level 20 hero or combined on all heroes level 20.

And the rewards are region locked, for example if a Asian player sends recruit a friend to American player, to get the rewards the American player needs to play on Asia server to get level 20.

shaman replacement

When your friend logs in over your invite he will get a free pack too.

If you didn't try Hearthstone maybe its time to give it a shoot, its a card game played on different platforms pc mobile etc.
Its free to play but like all f2p games you can invest money in buying new cards, adventures, or hero skins.