A new expansion for Hearthstone called Grand Tournament is about to be released! 
Included in this expansion, there’ll be another 132 new cards, along with some awesome features and mechanics which will be added to the game.

We believe the new cards are the most important aspect, so be sure to check them out here.

There is the new mechanic called Inspire:
Minions with the inspire keyword possess a special ability that may only be activated by using your Hero Power. Deploy them in force to gain tremendous value, or drop them at just the right time to give your play the perfect boost.

And a new battlecry mechanic Blizzard is calling Joust:
It is a mini-duel which requires the player who initiated the Joust to randomly reveal a card from their deck which has a higher mana cost than one which their opponent also randomly reveals. The revealed card will be put back into both player's decks at the end of the Joust.

Arena rewards update:
Since GVG launched the Arena has rewarded only GVG packs. After the patch it will reward a random card pack: Classic, GVG or TGT.

The ranked rewards are changing slightly, so if you get rank 20 or higher, you’ll get a chest which contains loot. This loot will consist of golden cards, dust and ranked card backs.The higher your rank, the better your reward will be, and if you hit legend, you will of course get the legend card back!

If you’re stuck on your current rank, or simply don’t have the time play the ranked games, then why not buy a Hearthstone boost from us, and we’ll get you up there so you can check out these awesome rewards!

With this expansion, there shouldn’t be any impact on any orders with us, but we may need a few days to catch up with the new meta once the expansion goes live. If you’re ordering a legend boost, we may require some other cards from the expansion, but we will make this clear to you when you order.