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Hallow’s End Arrives October 25!

The Nexus will be haunted by a 50% XP bonus from October 25 until Hallow’s End concludes during the week of November 8!
Hallow’s End Event Quest
Quest: Play 15 games during Hallow’s End in any mode except Custom Games, Training, or Heroes Brawl.
Reward: Deputy Valla Portrait

PTR Patch Notes http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/20308851/heroes-of-the-storm-ptr-patch-notes-october-10-2016-10-10-2016

New Hero: Samuro the Blademaster


Mirror Image
Create 2 Mirror Images that deal 30% of your damage and have 50% of your current Health. Images last up to 18 seconds, and only two can be active at any one time.
Critical Strike
Your next Basic Attack within 10 seconds will be a Critical Strike, dealing 50% increased damage. This also applies to Images, and does not break Wind Walk. Passive: You and your Images deal a Critical Strike on every 4th Basic Attack.
Wind Walk
Enter Stealth for up to 8 seconds or until you attack, use an Ability, or take damage. While Stealthed, your Movement Speed is increased by 25% and you can pass through other units. Damage taken within the first 1 second will not break Wind Walk.
Heroic: Bladestorm
Become an Unstoppable whirlwind of death, dealing 285 damage per second to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.
Heroic: Illusion Master
Switch places with the target Mirror Image. Passive: You can control Mirror Images separately or as a group, and they deal an additional 15% of your damage.
Trait: Advancing Strikes
Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase your Movement Speed by 25% for 2 seconds.

War of the Machine ends on 18.Oct.2016 a reminder.