We got a nice update for HotS, now you can bring your friends to the game and earn awesome rewards.

Heroes of The Storms Recruit-a-Friend program offers rewards to both you and your recruitee.

When your friend/recruitee clicks your link and joins the game he will get Jim Raynor hero and a 5-day Stimpack for free, if he gets hes hots account to level 10 he will get Sylvanas Hero for free too.

Now if you bring 4 or more people to join the game and level to 10 you get a awesome mount called Vulture Hover Bike.

Now if for any reason you cant get 4 ppl to get to level 10 we can help you with that :) check out our hots power leveling page.

Enter bellow the picture 1 and 10 and increase qty to 4, select account as leveling option, after the payment you can send us your raf link.

To be able to receive rewards you need to be at least level 5, and when we make the accounts we need to know your main server so you get the mount.