Season 6 ends on November 8th 2016, and there will be a preseason to balance out all the changes made. Season 7 is expected to start some time in January or February.

There are some big changes reverted from LoL Season 6 to Season 7. One of the big changes are Solo and Duo Queue are back and there is the new Flex Q.
You can still choose 2 position you play, and on challenger tier you can only play solo.

The Flex Queue allows up to five players to queue up and compete—a lot like 2016's Dynamic Queue—and those who climb in both will earn extra rewards at the end of the season. If your premade squad wants a serious, competitive game, this is where you play.

There will be big assassins changes and jungler changes.

We will update the topic once more info is released from League of Legends.

There will be a new practicing tool in-game. The extra training you can do with a mechanically unfamiliar champion so you can enter the Rift with more confidence.

Here are some of the things Practice Tool will let you do:

- Infinite Gold

- Reset your Cooldowns

- Lock your level

- Freeze minion spawns

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What rewards can we expect for Season 7 in league of Legends ?

Each season is always the same gold tier and above earn a skin, summoner icons and loading boarder.
Lower division can expect ward skins.