We will post all important news for Overwatch in the month October:

New Feature: Leaderboards

In-game leaderboards will now show off the top 500 competitive players from each region, and a separate leaderboard will allow players to see how their competitive performance stacks up against their Battle.net friends. Plus, we’re adding leaderboards for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event that’s happening right now!

New Seasonal Event:

The event last from October 11 - November 1
There is a new brawl featuring Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein.
You will get 1 free loot box if you login during the even
​And for a increased price you can buy now the limited skins.
There are 12 new skins that can be unlocked with the new loot boxes and about 100 other cosmetic items.


Now is the right time to start farming thoso levels and get the awesome rewards and dont forget we can do the boring farm for you :)

The new event is the first PvE brawl in Overwatch, you team up with up to 3 players to fight Dr. Junkenstein himself, Junkenstein's Monster, the Reaper, a mysterious witch, and zombies.