Before we start, what is Playerunknows Battleground?
It's a Battle Royale. The theme of the game resembles the hunger games. The goal of the game is to kill other players/teams and to be the last survivor. you can play it solo or duo or squad (3-4players).
In our Playerunknows Battleground Beginner Guide, we will try to give you some tips and tricks how to own the maps and how to do things properly.
Let’s start with very basic stuff like choosing your starting location and clearing houses the right way.After that, you will see what weapon to use with our tier list.
In PUBG there is no tutorial your goal is to be the last man/women standing.

Best Playerunknows Battleground/PUBG Graphic Settings:
Ok before we start please lower the graphics settings, it will increase your fps and reduce some details as they won’t affect your gameplay experience.If your hardware is weaker you will experience lag spikes, lower it further down.

Playerunknows Battleground Controls:
Here are the most important controls, use the F key to jump out of an airplane to loot stuff and to open and close the door.
Tab key is used to check your inventory and for fast looting, we will go more into details how to loot houses in PUBG.
With the B key you can change the gun shooting from single to auto or burst.
Z is to lay down, C is to crawl and V is to change from the third person to the first person.
If you click X it will unselect your gun if you want to enter a fist fight in PUBG (don't do it :) ) or if you want to run faster.
Holding CTRL slows down your walking speed but reduces sound, these are very helpful.
ALT lets you move the camera around in third person mode, very useful and will be explained later in the combat section.

Jumping from the plane in PUBG and Choosing the Right Spot:
You started the game and now you're in the plane with 100 other players, choosing the right spot is crucial for your early survival.As a beginner in PUBG don't choose the high reward/risk location marked red on the map. Choose the yellow one or small group of houses.
The plane flies from a different angle each time. You can choose up to 2 squares from the flight path and choose wisely.Once you see the right spot click on the map to mark it and you will see the spot on your compass located in the top middle screen.
You can use your mouse to speed up the landing and the w key to dash down. Located in the left panel you will see your speed and when your parachute will open and when you will land.

What do all the icons mean in my PUBG Interface:

How to loot effective houses in PUBG:
Loot or Gear in Playeruknows Battleground is located in rooms, garages or in ruins.You need to be fast and try not to get into a fist fight. Use Shift key to run faster and get to the building and rooms so you can get loot before others.
Weapons or Gear are always located in the middle of the room. Once you get more experienced in the game you will always know where the loot is located. Press F to loot or use tab for fast looting.It's very important to use tab when looting because it is much faster.
Sometimes if you have an item equipped and use the F key to loot it might drop your current item and leave you're vulnerable.
You need ammunition and always pay attention to your guns ammo, as all weapons can run out of it. Use the R key to reload.

Cosmetic items, Armor, Attachments, Bombs, Tiers Explained:
Cosmetic Items do not affect your in-game stats, you can get them in the game or when purchasing loot crates.You can change your appearance in the game or before you start the game when you click appearance in the menu.

These affect your stats in-game and are very important, the categories are:
Helmets, Armor Vests, and Backpacks.The items have tiers from 1-3, tier 3 is the strongest and very rare to find.

Weapon Attachments in PUBG:
We won't go into details here, you can check our tier list for best weapons attachments.Attachments are upgrades for your guns and pistols, like zoom, red dot, silencer etc.

PUBG Consumables:
Are used to heal you or speed you up, bandages heal a small amount up to 75% of your health and First Aid Kit heals you up to 75 at once. To heal above 75% you need to take painkillers or energy drinks and they apply a healing over time effect.
If you got lucky and have a Med Kit it will heal you to 100.

PUBG Ammunition
There are Pistols, SMG, Rifles and Melee Weapons and the first 3 require ammunition.
9mm Ammo used for Micro UZI, P92, UMP9, VSS, Glock
12 Gauge Ammo used for S1897, S686, S12K
.45 ACP Ammo used for P1911, Tommy Gun, KRISS Vector
5.56mm Ammo used for M16A4, M249, M416, SCAR-L, Mini 14
7.62mm Ammo used for AKM, Kar98k, M24, R1895, SKS, OTs-14 Groza, Mk14 EBR
300 Magnum Ammo Only Loaded in AWM

PUBG Weapons Tutorial:
To see a detailed tier list and what weapons are best in the categories to check out our Tier List in Playerunknows Battleground.
When the game starts your only weapon are your fists, other Weapons you should skip and never use are melee weapons, the only exception is The Pan because it can block bullets when you have it equipped, no need to have it in your hand.

Pistols are very commonly used at the start of the game if you don't have any gun yet.

SMGs and Shotguns:
These guns are very common and you will use them mostly at the beginning until you find a good rifle.

For close range AKM, for long-range A4.

The 4x scope is best for beginners, and attach it to Kar98k or if you're lucky and find a crate with AWM take it.

Combat for Beginners in PUBG, how to kill:
PUBG rewards a balanced playstyle. Being too aggressive will probably get you killed, being too passive will mean your opponents will have more of a tactical advantage with their gear.
Making use of the in-game sound can make all the difference. 
Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of what you are capable of and make sure the situations you get yourself in favors your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
Perhaps the best combat strategy is one not forcing the gunfights - just wait. Because you're in a pool of many players, you can wait out the clock, letting players kill each other before swooping in with one of the other techniques and clearing the area that way. But keep in mind that as the game progresses, the battle area shrinks, giving you fewer options for vantage points and assaults.
If you play the normal mode third person you can use the alt key to move the camera and to see if someone is hiding.

PUBG Circle of Death Tutorial
The map gets smaller and smaller every time the timer hits the 0. If you're outside the white circle when the blue wall hits you it will tear your HP apart. First few circles don’t do much damage. It does more damage as the game progresses and the circle gets smaller, the first circle can almost be negated with 1 painkiller.
To get around faster, you can find cars near the roads or boats.
But don't worry, as you get more experienced in the game you will use the circle to your advantage.
Conclusion for our Playerunknows Battleground Beginner Guide
It's important to practice and eventually, you will win :) 
it’s a lot easier to win if you play with a friend or squad.
In our next Advanced, Guide/Tutorial will go into details how to become a better player.