Steam Family View & Parental Control



Family View is used to limit an account’s access to a subset of its content and features. With Family View, access to the Steam Store, Library, Community, and Friends content and features may be gated by the entry of an additional PIN. One of the instances for this to be used is when as a parent you want to limit your child’s exposure to violent games or simply keep the library of your games limited to what you pick for them. 

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Setting up Steam Family View
To enable Family View, first, you have to log into the Steam account you intend to activate this option on. After you’ve done that, click on the Steam menu in the top menu bar. Open the Settings option. Go to the "Family" tab on the left side of the window that opens.

1.Click “Manage Family View” to start the Family View wizard.

steam family view 1

2. Here you can see that the Family View is disabled. You can choose if you want all games to be available or only the select few. You can also choose if you want to limit the steam account access to the Steam store, Community-generated content, friends, chat and group, and also access to your public profile.

family view 2

3. We opted for the option “Only games I choose”. Here you have a dropdown list of all the games you own, and you can check the games on the list you want available to the person using the account in Family View.

family view 3

4. After selecting the games. You will be asked for a recovery email address. Simply input an address you already own, or create a new one for this purpose. After you’re done, click Next.

family view 4

5. You are asked for a 4-digit PIN. Input your desired 4 number PIN code and click on Next.

family view 5

6. After inputting the desired PIN code, you’ll get an email with a secret code. Visit the email you’ve provided in step 4 and type in the code you’ve received.

family view 6

7. This is a confirmation window. You’ve successfully enabled Family View.

family view 7