If you bought the Battle Pass for Dota 2 you can recalibrate your MMR, that means you can again play the first 10 tbd games and get a new starting MMR.

The bad part is its weaker then the normal calibration, if you have a new account you can easily get around  4500-5000 starting mmr with our help.

If you use your old account you will get around 2500-4000 that depending on your hidden MMR.

http://www.gramno.com/dota-2-calibration bellow the picture you can select if its party or solo battle pass.

After the calibration you need to have 30 more games on the international battle pass 2016 to be able to switch your old mmr for the new one.

Or if you have a new account, to be able to use the new mmr you need to play 30 more games.

The good think is we can help you with that too :) after you get your starting mmr you can order the boosting here: http://www.gramno.net/dota-2-mmr-boost

Under the picture select if its international solo or party and enter your mmr and desired mmr.
If you buy any of the services above, we will do quests for free.

The other good reason to invest in your International 2016 Battle Pass is 25% of the money goes to the final tournament right now the price pool is $14,058,874.

At the conclusion of The International 2016 Grand Finals, you'll receive an achievement trophy digitally engraved with your Peak MMR during this season, as well as the option to display your highest record on your profile for the following year.    

Lets talk a bit about the Quests:

Prior to each game, choose one Path to determine your current objective. Complete the quest and win the match to earn Battle Points and move to the next Quest. Earn enough points to raise your Battle Level and unlock new rewards. You can change your selection during the picking phase to match the needs of each game.    

Every Path has three tiers of difficulty, each offering a different Battle Point reward. Fulfill any tier to complete the Quest, and aim for the Three Star objective to earn the maximum number of Battle Points for that node.

And the last part are Battle Levels:

Level up by completing Battle Pass objectives or purchasing Battle Level Bundles directly, and you'll earn additional Immortal Treasures, a new equippable terrain, emoticons, hero taunts, and more.

The rewards are more accurately explained here  http://www.dota2.com/international/battlepass