We've started working on our WoW section a few weeks ago, in order to be prepared for the new expansion called Legion.
Yesterday the expansion was released and we've updated all our services for World of Warcraft.

Most changes we made were minor text related to reflect on the changes legion has introduced, and we made ordering easier with adding options.

In Legion Level cap has been increased from 100-110, we've added prices for the higher levels than 100 and we added options like fast boosting arena rating and heroic gear.

There are no more honor points in Legion, when you enter the Arena or Battleground your gear automatically changes to PvP gear.
We changed our honor points farm to leveling, because now you get PvP Talent points for each level up to level 50, after you reached level 50 you can restart your honor level to gain cosmetic upgrades.

Our WoW Arena rating boost was outdated with pricing and servers, we've added NA server to the list, we need to change the picture, note to myself. :)
We made it easier to order, you simply enter your rating now, it's easier than having to select it.

Professions are almost the same. We've just increased the cap. Now you can go up to skill 800, prices for wow challenge mode have been increased.

We feel that our WoW services are not complete, for example we don't have any PvE boosting and we plan on changing that.
Right now we are talking with some big guilds to partner with, for Heroic gear and more.

In the next 30 days or less we plan to add more leveling services, for example if you want to buy Insane title we can farm that for you.
There will be mounts available too or reputations farming, we all know how much mindless grind it takes to get those up.
We are still looking into our options for all the farming and how to best implement them on our website so you can easily order and save time.

We thought about adding wow gold but to be honest we are not in the currency business so we will skip that for now, maybe we could add coaching but that’s just an idea at this moment.
That is it for now, if you have any suggestion or idea please contact us. We would love to hear your ideas or if you're a guild master and want to partner with us feel free to send us a message