We all know the time when a new WoW expansion is about to be released, we connect with old friends, check what is new in the expansion and what class we can play.
We updated almost all our services for the new expansion, you can pre-order wow leveling to 110.

Below is some general information on what’s new or changed in the expansion for WoW called Legion.

Demon Hunter:
The class can only be Night Elf or Blood Elf.
It’s a hero class so you start at level 98 not on level 1.
You can choose to be Dps (Havoc) or Tank (Vengeance)
Gear you have consists of Cloth or Leather and you use Glaive weapons.

Artifact Weapons in Legion:
When you enter legion you will have a quest where you can choose your new artifact weapon.
Each specialization, for example frost mage or fire mage, will have a completely different Artifact weapon with unique artifact traits.
When you do quest raids pvp etc, you unlock more artifact power which you can spend on upgrades for artifacts traits.
Your main weapon in Legion is your artifact, there are no weapon rewards from raids, dungeons or PvP.

Max Level is 110 and Dynamic Zone Question:
In Legion you can advance your hero up to level 110.
And Blizzard made some changes on how the zones works. Each zone will adapt to your level.
You can start whenever you want and the monsters and quest will be at your level.
Only Suramar will be 110 for high-end raiding etc.

A completely new PvP Progression System:
Honor 3.0 will have big changes, there is no more honor grinding for gear.
Your item level is automatically updated for pvp once you enter in battlegrounds,arena or duel.
There are specific pvp talents that only work in pvp areas. PvP talents depend from your honor level, which can range from 1-50.
Each class has unique pvp talents depending from spec.
When you reach honor level 50 you can reset the levels and start gaining prestige rewards.
Rewards are purely cosmetic and you can get mounts, artifact skins, titles and more.

New Dungeons and Raids:
The new expansion will have 9 new dungeons, 2 new raids and 2 old dungeons updated Violet Hold and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

Now we just have to wait for August 30 to meet an old friend called World of Warcraft.