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CS GO Smurf Account

CS GO Smurf Account
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CS GO Smurf Account

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We sell new Steam accounts with Counter Strike Global Offensive with your desired rank, all accounts are made for selling and you are the first real owner.

The CS:GO Smurf accounts are not limited accounts, you can use them to add friends and trade after a certain amount of time.

To order simply select the rank you want below the picture, add to cart and checkout after we receive your payment, we will contact you via e-mail or live chat for further instructions and information.


  • Steam Account with Counter Strike Global Offensive.
  • Your Desired Rank.

Delivery Time:

  • 15 minutes - 8 hours after the payment.


Q: How do i contact you if my questions have not been answered?
A: You can use the live chat is located in the bottom right corner.
If no one is on livechat contact us plz over

Q: If i buy more accounts can i get discount?
A: Yes, if you buy 5+ accounts we can offer a 10% discount.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, while we boosted the account we did not use any cheats hacks etc.

Q: Is there any money back guarantee?
A: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if something happens to the account because of our work.
If you get the account banned or limited we cannot offer any refund.

Q: Can i change the nickname & email?
A: Yes, when you get the account you can change the name, the email can be changed after 30 days.

Q: The rank i want is not on the list?
A: It can happen that we have run out of stock of the rank, you can contact us to see when it will be available again or make a custom order.

Q: Can i use the marketplace with the smurf account?
A: No, you need to purchase a game or something to be able to use marketplace.

Q: Does the account have any items or coins?
A: All items dropped during our levelling and boosting stayed on the account, so there might be some items.

If you have a coupon code you can apply it at:

  • Checkout Page
  • Cart Page

Lifetime Loyalty Discount:

  • Spend 200 = 2% Discount
  • Spend 400 = 4% Discount
  • Spend 600 = 6% Discount
  • Spend 800 = 8% Discount
  • Spend 1000 = 10% Discount

If you have any question use our live chat located in the right corner.

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