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Heroes of the Storm

We can boost any division in Heroes of the Storm Solo and Team ranked.The solo ranked is called Hero League and Team League is when a full team plays together.To order HotS Boost, below the picture select if you want Hero or Team League Boosting and select your division and desired div..
To see your rank in Heroes of the Storm you need to first play at least 10 games called Placement Games.We can play them for you and you will get a very high starting division in HotS Hero League or Team League.To order, simply select how many games you want.After we receive your payment, we wil..
If you don't have time to level up your Account or Hero, we can power level your Heroes of the Storm account.Each hero level you get will earn 1 loot box,  and enable ranked games like Hero League and Team League.Simple select bellow the picture how many levels you want, we can split th..
In Heroes of the Storm there are special events that last a limited amount of time, and they have rewards like mounts heroes etc. Some events in HotS are unique and some are seasonal like Winter Veil, love is in the air.And we can help you finish those events, You can select the options you nee..
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