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Dota 2 Power Level Trophies

Dota 2 Power Level Trophies
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Dota 2 Power Level Trophies

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We offer power leveling in Dota 2, we can level every trophy or just the experience trophy so you can play competitively.

The leveling is done by hand no bots or hacks are used in the process, to order enter your level and desired level below the picture and select the trophy.

If you need any help with the order you can contact us on livechat in the bottom right corner or send us a message.

After the payment, we will contact you over email or livechat for the login details.


  • Dota Account with the level you brought.


  • Desired Dota Trophy Level.

Delivery Time:

  • Depends on your current level, we do around 3-7 games per day (1-2 lvls per day)


Q: My Question is not on the list ?
A: Feel free to contact us on livechat in the bottom right corner or send us an

Q: Are my Steam Items protected?
A: Yes, you do not need to turn off steamguard, so we cannot do any trades.
And you can enable family share to add an extra layer of security, the only downside by family share is we cant play on offline mode.

Q: I dont want my friends to see that you play?
A: In steam we are playing in offline mode so no one can actually see that we are playing.
If you want that we go online for any reason, please tell us please over email or livechat, and if you are using the family share mode we can't go offline.

Q: Can I play other games on my Steam account?
A: Only single player games can be played while we level, to do that start steam in offline mode.
If you want to play in between while we do the leveling just tell us on email or livechat when you would like to play.

Q: Who will play on my account?
A: We have a mid range player who will do the leveling, all our boosters and levelers are under a contract.

Q: Can i choose the heroes that you should use ?
A: You can tell us over email/livechat every special request you have, and we will answer if it works or not :)

Discounts that apply automatically:

  • Spend 100$+ = 5% DIscount
  • Spend 200$+ = 10% Discount

If you have a coupon code you can apply it at:

  • Checkout Page
  • Cart Page

Lifetime Loyalty Discount:

  • Spend 200 = 2% Discount
  • Spend 400 = 4% Discount
  • Spend 600 = 6% Discount
  • Spend 800 = 8% Discount
  • Spend 1000 = 10% Discount

If you have any question use our live chat located in the right corner.

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