Overwatch Top 500

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Best Overwatch players in your region compete and when the season ends the top 500 players earn a Special Icon, Animated Spray and a lot CP points.

With the new changes its very hard to get the rewards for being top 500 in Overwatch, you need 50 games at least and you need to maintain your rating.
Our service includes maintaining your rating and getting you to a rating where you will get the rewards once the season ends.

To order, select Overwatch top 500 under the picture. Choose your current division and you will see the updated price.
Add it to cart and checkout. After the payment has been processed we will contact you over email or you can contact us over livechat for login info.


  • Overwatch Account


  • Top 500 Icon
  • Spray

Delivery Time:

  • Depends when the season ends and how many games you need.


Q: I still have some questions how can I get in contact with Gramno?
A: Use our livechat in the bottom right corner or contact us over email.

Q: Does it work on all servers?
A: Yes it works on all servers.

Q: Does it work on Consoles too?
A: Yes, select the platform under the picture.

Q: I did not finish my placement games?
A: Just select unranked/new account under the picture.

Q: Who will do the service on my account?
A: Our boosters are top 50 players in the world and they will finish the boost.

Q: Is this service safe?
A: Yes.No cheats or hacks are used to rankup your account.

Q: Can I play other games on my Battlenet account?
A: We can make a schedule when we play and when you play.

Q: What if I don't get the rewards?
A: We will do a full refund.

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