PUBG Coaching

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It's not Easy to Win in Playerunknown Battleground that's why our beginners guide for PUBG is free.

If you would like to buy PUBG Coaching and become a better overall player Gramno is here for you.

We talked with the top 100 players in Europe, NA, and Asia to see what they are doing to have a high winning score. We show them gameplay videos of new players and player who don't kill or win in PUBG often.
We have chosen the best Coaches from PUBG to teach you all about starting location, gear, how to fight how to move and the most important how to start winning.

How does our PUBG Coaching work, first will check your stats and talk with you what you think are your weak points in the game?

We will ask you if you have a special request, for example, you want to shot better with Sniper Rifles or something else what you would like.

After that our teacher will make a practice plan for you with great hints and tips what you should improve.

We will ask you the following questions so we can customize our PUBG Coaching:

  • How long have you been playing Playerunknown Battleground?
  • What is your highest position you got in solo or duo or squad?
  • What languages do you speak?
  • Is there anything you want to add to the coaching lessons or do you have a specific request? 
  • When we have received all the information we need, our booster/coach will make a coaching plan for you! We require you to have Skype or Discord to share screens and to talk! 


Q: Who will coach me?
A: We select top players who are good in Coaching to teach and coach you in PUBG
Bellow the picture you can see available PUBG Coaches and their language.

Q: Can you coach on all PUBG servers?
A: Yes, we can coach on all servers!

Q: Can I change the coach or cancel the order?
A: If you do not like the coach or coaching lessons, we can cancel it and do a full refund, or we can change your coach. It is important that you decide whether you want this coach in the first 15 minutes!

Q: Can I choose when I have coaching lessons?
A: Yes, we are flexible and we will arrange the coaching lessons based on your schedule. 

Q: My English is not that good can I still buy Coaching?
A: Bellow the picture you can see if the Coach speaks your language if you don't speak well English that not a big problem you need to understand the coach.

Q: What communication software will be used?
A: For talking and writing we use discord or skype, but Teamspeak works too.

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