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Realm Royale Boosting

Realm Royale Boosting
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Realm Royale Boosting

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Realm Royale previously knows as Paladins is a very popular battle royale game.

It's very hard to win in Realm Royale or increase your rank, that's why we offer our Boosting service for Realm Royale.

You can choose if you want wins or rank boost for Realm Royale.

To order select what kind of boost you need fill other options add to cart and checkout, after the payment, we will contact you over email or you can contact us over live chat.

If you don't see the live chat button turn off your adblocker, and if you don't want that we play on your account while we do Battle Royale Boosting you can select play with a booster, our Service works on all platforms.


  • Realm Royale Account


  • Wins or Rank for your Realm Royale Account

Delivery Time:

  • For 5 wins we need around 24h and for rank boosting it depends how big the boost is.


Q: How do I contact you if my questions haven't been answered?.
A: If you need any help with the purchase contact our live chat support located in the right corner.

Q: Do the Paladins Boost work on all platforms?
A: Yes we can do it on steam and ps4.

Q: Who will play on my account or with me?
A: Depending on your order, we have top-ranked players.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, we don't use any cheats just a skill and high ranked player.

Q: How do I track the progress or how do I know the job is done?
A: You can contact us about the progress. Or you can get the contact from your booster.

Q: Why play Realm Royale compared to other Battle Royale Games?
A: Realm Royale is one of the most promising battle royale games today. Its fantasy theme mixes up with a class-based structure, making your gaming experience more enjoyable. Unlike most battle royale games where you start with nothing, Realm Royale lets you start with your own unique abilities. This gives you distinctive advantages even before you venture out into the battleground. You might think that Realm Royale is just like any other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Unlike these games, however, Realm Royale has some features that will definitely spur you into playing on until you become the only one left standing. You can even ride your own horse in this game if you want. 

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Lifetime Loyalty Discount:

  • Spend 200 = 2% Discount
  • Spend 400 = 4% Discount
  • Spend 600 = 6% Discount
  • Spend 800 = 8% Discount
  • Spend 1000 = 10% Discount

If you have any question use our live chat located in the right corner.

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