Path of Exile Power Leveling POE

Path of Exile Power Leveling POE

Want to Level fast in PoE try our Path of Exile Power Leveling. Our leveling service is done by hand on Softcore or Hardcore it works on Any League too.

Bellow the picture select League and enter your levels, the maximum we can level is 95. After the purchase, our leveler will play on your account and level your character, we won't use any of your orbs. You can select special options like streaming or that we finish for you the trial of Ascendancy.


  • Path of Exile Account.


  • You desired level in Path of Exile.

Delivery Time:

  • We usually start instantly after the purchase.
  • 1-70 takes around 1-2 days 1-90 takes around 2-5 days 90+ 3 days per level


Q: All items and orbs that drop are mine?
A: Yes all drops during leveling are yours.

Q: Is it safe?
A: All leveling is done by hand, no bots or hacks are used.

Q: How are you leveling my char so fast in Path of Exile?
A: We use some simple rules to level fast, we don't kill every single mob, we use AoE spells and we rush to farming areas.

Q: Are you playing in Party the leveling?
A: Usually our booster plays solo but sometimes he can join random groups to increase the speed of leveling.

Q: My Account is linked with Steam?
A: Its no problem will simple play from your steam account.

Q: I selected stream option when will you stream?
A: Once our leveler starts will send you his profile link and you can watch how he plays.

Q: What does Path of Exile Trial of Ascendancy option mean?
A: You can choose on what difficulty we should do it for you, each difficulty has level & progress requirements so we can finish it.

Q: I have selected The Lords labyrinth does that mean I must have ascendancy too?
A: Yes, to be able to enter in the labyrinth you need to be ascended for that difficulty in PoE.

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