How to Find Steam Link

How to Find Steam Link

It’s very easy to find your Steam Profile Url or ID, we will show you both ways to find you and for any other friends profile link.
You can use this method when you’re on your friend’s profile or any other steam profile, just right click copy page.

If you’re looking to find your Steam Trade Url check our guide we made for it.

Top right click on your name and then View Profile and simply right-click anywhere on the page and select copy page URL.

That’s it now you can right click and paste your Steam Link anywhere you want.
The following guide is if you’re on Steam App not web browser but its similar to web browser too.
The method above does not work on browsers because you can already see the URL and just copy paste it.

You can make your Url Custom too and change it to almost whatever you want.

Click Again view profile then Edit Profile, you will see the 4 option is Custom Steam Url and change it to whatever you like, don’t forget to save.

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