What Are Sex Simulators?

What Are Sex Simulators?

There is a whole lot of porn content out there, and when it comes to porn games, there is an even wider array of genres that people realize. One of those genres is that of sex simulators, something that a lot of people are not particularly wise to.

What are sex simulators? How do they differ from any other porn game, and should you give them a shot? We'll cover all of that and more right here.

What Exactly Are Sex Simulators?

The thing about most porn games is that they are pretty self-explanatory as far as their names are concerned. Sex simulators are exactly what they sound like: games that simulate sexual experiences. You could argue that all porn games do this, but sex simulators are about creating your own personal sexual experience.

In many sex simulators, you create characters and avatars and dictate what kind of sex they'll engage in. Some games have you create the ideal virtual partner to have sex with. Other games have you create your own character, then go out and interact with characters made by other real people in a multiplayer experience.

The main point of sex simulators is to be interactive, and thus closer to real sex than other types of porn. For instance, if you are just watching a porn video, or playing a typical porn game, there is already a set narrative that you simply experience as an observer. Sex simulators aim to make you an active participant in porn, with control over what happens.

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Types of Sex Simulators: Single Vs. Multiplayer, and Graphics

As mentioned above, there are both single and multi-player sex simulator games. Multiplayer sex simulators are very similar to other massively multiplayer online games: you are in a virtual world with other real players who have their own avatars: it's just that the goal of the game is to have virtual sex with each other.

That of course means that you don't have absolutely full control over everything, because if you are playing with another person, they have to agree to do the things you want. You'd have to find a player who would want to simulate your fetish, instead of just expecting any player you see to go along with what you want.

Of course, some people enjoy the actual relationship aspect of sex: talking to someone, learning about them, agreeing to do things with them, and all of that. Multiplayer sex simulators are about as close as you can get to dating and sex with real people without it actually being real.

On the other hand, you have single-player sex simulators, where the main draw is the fact that you can do pretty much whatever you want (or at least, whatever the game is programmed to be capable of). Those are the games where you'd create your own partner, and simply tell the game what you want to do.

Difference in Graphics

There are a number of different graphic styles in sex simulators. Some are hyper-realistic 3D animation games. Others are more cartoony in aesthetics. And some sex simulators actually use real porn actors in an interactive style of play (kind of like one of those choose your own adventure video books, but you choose your own pornographic progression).

The graphics don't really have an effect on how the game plays for the most part: it just comes down to what level of graphics you want in your game.

Special Considerations About Pricing

One important thing to note about sex simulators is that they are rarely, if ever, free. This is true for both browser and downloadable sex simulator games. It's kind of understandable since it probably costs a lot of money to make these games.

The problem is that many of these games pretend that they are free when they really aren't. They use semantics and wordplay to convince you that they are. For instance, a popular trick is for a game to say that lifetime membership is free: but this is just membership to the publisher of the game, not access to the game itself.

They often try to lure people in with free trials, but without actually telling the player that they will be charged later. For example, there is a popular sex simulator online that claims to be completely free, and it is, for all of two days. After that, you'll be charged roughly $40 on a monthly basis.

The best way to determine if a game is actually going to cost you is to see if they want credit card information. It doesn't matter what they tell you, if they ask for your credit card, the plan is to charge you at some point.


Sex simulator games are really the high-end, top-notch AAA titles of porn gaming. They offer the most immersive, most interactive, and customizable experiences in porn gaming. However, that also means that sex simulators tend to be quite expensive to play.

If you feel that the experience is worth the price, all well and good. Just be careful that you aren't deceived by a game that claims to be free, but is really only free with some specific caveats, such as being free for a brief time before charging you.

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