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Butt Stuff: The Best Anal Sex Games


Not long ago, anal sex was not something you discussed, let alone admit to trying — and liking.

That’s not the case today. While anal sex is still a bit taboo (especially in certain countries), it’s especially desired in pornography. 

More people seemed to be practicing it, too. From 2009 to 2015, the number of adult anal sex videos searches grew 120% on PornHub. A 2019 survey found that 72%  of Americans have tried anal sex of some form. 

It’s also estimated that more than 50% of all porn videos include anal sex. It’s no wonder then that anal sex features so prominently in porn games.

There are even the best anal sex games that build a storyline, graphics, and much of the action around the act. Anal sex is no longer in the shadows of porn and porn games — it’s the headlining act.

Anal sex may not be for everyone, but there are certainly anal sex games for anyone. 

What Anal Sex Games Include

Anal sex games feature hardcore sex and other erotic activity centered around the rectum or the anus, the rectum's external opening. The games can feature women and men, men and men, women and women, threesomes, foursomes.

It is most common in homosexual-themed porn games but is very prevalent in all types of porn.

Other types of anal sex games you encounter include activities such as fingering, anilingus (oral sex involving the anus), sex toys designed to provide sexual pleasure through penetrating the anus, and pegging (usually when women penetrate men anally by using a strap-on dildo.

Anal sex games also provide a stellar point-of-view perspective of players to intimately enjoy anal sex up close. 

Where to Find the Best Anal Sex Games

If anal sex is your thing, or something you’re just curious about, it’s easy to find an anal sex game. There are several sites that compile just anal sex porn and even more that allow you to search for it.

These sites and anal sex games include a bit of everything in the sex game world. Anal sex features prominently in 3D, simulations, animation, character immersion, and role-playing games.  

As with other sex game genres, anal sex games run the gamut as far as cost. There a free games, pay-per-downloads, and subscription services for a variety of monthly costs.

Themes of the Best Anal Sex Games 

Do you like big boobs? How about playing a game as a futuristic robot? Have a fantasy about an office wife?

These are just a few of the themes and plotlines of popular anal sex games. In general, anal sex games tend to be a bit more hardcore than some other sex games.

They integrate fetishes and sexual kinks frequently, including BDSM and cartoon sex. They can involve any gender and sex — even robots, aliens, or other creatures.

The design of anal sex games reflects the theme or fetish it’s representing. There are cartoons that look old-school and fantasy anal sex games that look like the latest, greatest mainstream video game.

Some of the most common types of anal sex games include:

Hentai Games

An erotic form of Japanese anime and manga, hentai has a tradition of integrating anal sex into games since the genre historically has featured sexual activity deemed “abnormal.”

Hentai games tend to be highly stylish and told in a visual novel style.

There are many subgenres of hentai that feature anal sex, including games geared to heterosexuals and homosexuals, tentacled monsters, and those depicting huge breasts.

Simulation Games

Simulation porn games frequently integrate anal sex and some are themed entirely around it.

With simulation games, you can create your own characters, play yourself or another character, and have control over what activity you’d like to watch or be a part of. 

Simulation crosses over anal sex game genres; it’s a big part of hentai games and choose-your-own-adventure style games. The latest and best anal sex games also make use of ever-evolving digital technology to integrate 3D and virtual reality into the game experience.

Many sex simulator games also let you fulfill a fantasy, such as creating a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend, fooling around with the babysitter, and even extremely niche fetishes, such as home invasions with sexual results.

Role-Playing Games

Similar to simulation games, role-playing games, or RPGs, featuring anal sex run the gamut, including a choose-your-own-adventure-style play where you make choices on a sexual journey to becoming a character in a fictional or fantasy world.

Some are based on stories grounded in reality (pursuing the cute girl who just moved in your neighborhood) while others live in different worlds, such as deep space and hell. Yes, actual hell.

There are also some anal sex role-playing games where you can play multiple characters at the same time, for example, both the female and male members of a couple, guiding them along with a unique storyline every time you play.

Other popular RPGs featuring anal sex include those themed to a roommate threesome and those set in the not-too-distant feature featuring humanoid androids. 


Since anal sex is very much tied to the common sexual activities of gay men, game compilation sites and independent developers highlighting or creating anal sex games often feature immersive games with gay appeal and lots and lots of anal sex.

The same goes for women, though. These games can include same genders, opposite genders, or a mix of genders and sexual identities.

A big subset of anal sex games is the aforementioned pegging, and there is a rising number of games integrating lesbian storylines and lesbian sexual activity that highlights anal sex positions. 

3D Games

You’ll often get the most visual bang for your anal sex buck when playing 3D games that integrate anal sex. These often combine visual novel and futuristic storytelling with jaw-droppingly striking digital graphics. 

3D showcases a whole new world of porn games, making simulation even more realistic, backing up innovative storylines, and making the role-playing games even more imaginative and fun.

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