CS:GO Heavy Weapon Guide

CS:GO Heavy Weapon Guide

In the first part, we’ve covered all the pistols that are available in both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. We’ve explained the differences and gave you some advice on when to use them or if it’s a worthy upgrade. Now we’re going to explain the next group of weapons, which are Heavy weapons.


There are six guns in total to choose from, with 1 being specific to each team. So that means, 5 heavy rifles for each team. We’ll go through the guns that are offered to the both teams first, and then cover the two guns that are specific to both CT’s and T’s. Nova using Nova can be tricky. It’s a great choice for close range combat. From close enough range it’s a 1 shot kill, even for a body shot. It doesn’t have a fast fire rate, so if you miss there’s a chance you’ll die before you get to fire another round.

XM1014 is a fully automatic shotgun. It’s fire rate is impressive but it deals half the damage than Nova. $2000 investment is also not so small. I usually refrain from buying it because it’s a big investment.

M249 as you can see it’s a huge investment to buy this gun. It does have a huge magazine of 100 bullets but it also has a fast firing speed. It’s highly inaccurate and quite hard to control it’s recoil. I don’t recommend buying this gun when in competitive matches.

Negev is an even bigger investment than M249 with only slight differences. It has a slightly bigger magazine, but it’s also very inaccurate. I’ll recommend the same as with M249, do not invest in this in competitive games, unless you’re planning to win.

Sawed-Off is a Terrorist side exclusive heavy rifle. It’s less accurate than a Nova, but deals more damage and has a greater armor penetration. It’s a great option once you figure out how to utilize it properly.

MAG-7 is Counter-Terrorist exclusive heavy rifle. It’s a slightly greater investment than a Nova but it deals a bit more damage and has higher armor penetration. It also has a faster firing speed. MAG-7 is a go-to pick for most professional players out there.

As you can see, the kill award for all the shotguns and its variations are all at 450%. What this means is that every kill you get with that gun gives you $450. All pistols except CZ75-Auto give you 150% kill award, which is the same as Negev and M249. What that means is that you get $150 for each kill. So getting $450 can help you get more money faster. But it also means that if you don’t kill anyone or enough people with that gun you’ll be out of money because of your investment. Keep this in mind when investing in heavy weapons.

This concludes the part on heavy weapons. In the next part we will talk about SMGs (Submachine guns), and if you need CSGO Smurf accounts plz check our offer.

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