Introduction to buying from MULEFACTORY

Introduction to buying from MULEFACTORY

 is a veteran website that was founded in 2007 by real gamers with a goal of serving people across the world with online game goods. In the beginning the main focus was on ARPGs which later transitioned into MMORPGs and various competitive games. In this Gramno blog post we will take a closer look to MuleFactory and review their services.

In the early years of online gaming MuleFactory was formed by 4 European gamers. Thanks to the unending passion towards gaming, MuleFactory became one of the largest shops on the market with wide variety of games, continous discounts and coupons. While players put more and more trust into MuleFactory during the years, the site grew a decent customer base. MuleFactory now employs gamers from all around the world, specialized into different online games and has a massive base of suppliers who are selling game goods from a legitimate source. 

If you struggle with your time, MuleFactory helps you jump ahead of many players with the services they offer. The goods are obtained from different, strictly hand-controlled activities within the game which is farming, leveling and trading. MuleFactory fights hard against botting and hacking and they have no suppliers whose goods are coming from unknown sources.

Gramno offers a 7% off coupon for all of the customers of MuleFactory, let it be a new or returning. Use this coupon code for any games to receive a 7% off discount: MFGRAMNO.

To use this coupon, place the items you would like to receive to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. On the bottom of the checkout page you will find a coupon field where you can input the code. Once the discount is applied, the final price of your order will be reduced.

MuleFactory currently offers huge selection of PoE itemscheap FUT21 coinsWoW Gold on a low price, TESO Gold, Runescape and Diablo II items. The delivery is done in 10 minutes for a pack of PoE currencies and an hour for 200k FUT Coins.

How to place a PoE order on MuleFactory?

MuleFactory offers the delivery of PoE items, including cheap PoE Currency, Unique Items, 6-Linked Items, Materials for League mechanics (Delve, Heist, Delirium, Metamorph, Betrayal etc), Full Character Builds, Rare items, all kinds of Gems and many more. To place your order select your items and put them to your shopping cart. On the checkout page enter the MFGRAMNO coupon code for 7% off, leave your character name and make sure you are online in the next 10-20 minutes for the delivery.

How to buy FUT 21 coins on MuleFactory?

MuleFactory currently has the safest delivery on the market which they call “Advanced Anti-Ban System”. By buying FUT 21 coins your account will be filled up through this system which ensures that no coin wipes or bans will happen on your account if you maintain normal activity. To place your order put the amount of FUT 21 coins to the shopping cart that you would like to receive and on the checkout page leave the required account information, use the coupon MFGRAMNO for 7% off and wait until you are informed about the completed delivery in e-mail.

Give a shot to MuleFactory's services and leave your impression on their Trustpilot page. If you encounter any issues during the process of placing an order check their Help Center where you can find answers to almost every question you may have about the services. If you cannot, then there is a Live Support option which is available 24/7, even on Holidays.


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