Lesbian Porn Games with Hot Girl-on-Girl Action

Porn games with a heavy focus on lesbian action are hard to come by but never fear my trepid explorer.  Gramno has you covered.  We've tried and tested the most engaging faptastic girl on girl games online. These babes get down and dirty in gameplay that sucks you into a world of pure escapism.  Without further ado, here are the best Lesbian porn games on the Internet. Scissor tastic!

Girl on Girl simulation is taken to the next level in this lesbian porn game. The character builds are ultra realistic and the sounds effect make you feel like you are about to get soaked with gushing pussy juices. We don't recommend playing if you have premature ejaculation. Enjoy!

Manga Mike: “Best Lesbian Sex Game!”  

5 Stars

Lesbian Online Sex Games

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Hall of Femme

For far too long, porn was almost exclusively created by men for men. Over the past decade, an increasing number of women have taken charge. Porn — and porn games — are now being made by women, for women. They can sometimes be about women, together. And as more women are making porn in general, there’s a fuller and better representation of women in sex games, including the best lesbian sex games. And since women are making great porn and curating great porn collectives from fellow women, that has led to some of the best lesbian sex games created over the past few years.


While lesbian porn in the past has been made mostly for men with little or no storyline other than, “Hey, women with each other!” lesbian sex games are nothing close to basic. Let’s take a look.

The Rise of Lesbian Sex Games

There has been “lesbian porn” almost as long as there has been porn itself. It quickly became its own genre, half girl-on-girl fetish, half common male fantasy. They may have initially been primarily geared toward men, but there was always a built-in female audience.

The best lesbian sex games also appeal to men and women. While there is a huge focus on lesbian sex generally across the porn game industry (not all completely mature and flattering, frankly) there is a large number of lesbian sex games that boast needed well-rounded and characters, more realistic depictions of women and lesbian sex, and fun, immersive gameplay.

Variety of Lesbian Games

If you do a quick search for “lesbian sex games” you’ll get an instant picture of the diversity of experiences available. While a genre onto itself, the best lesbian sex games transcend genre. 


Yes, the common aspect here remains girl-on-girl action, but lesbian-themed sex games are often now integrating simulated lesbian action in increasingly creative ways, including 3D and virtual reality technology. Some of the gameplay will be private, others will be interactive, and even multiplayer. All of it satisfies those who are interested in immersing themselves in realistic and hot lesbian story lines and sex. What else can you expect with lesbian sex games? There are realistic and, again, hot female characters within the genre’s subgenres, including BDSM ad a range of kink. There are virtual worlds to observe and participate in, lesbian multiplayer games, animated lesbian stories, and advanced role-playing. There are monster women, detective and crime stories, and lesbian visual novels. When we say variety, we don’t use the word lightly.


The LGBTQIA+ World of Porn Games

Of course, lesbian games are an exciting and vital part of the large world of sex games that both are geared toward the LGBTQIA+ community and features that community. Many lesbian sex games that amplify the storytelling include lesbian and bisexual protagonists, a trend that is increasingly in traditional video games as well. Now more indie developers (and LGBTQIA+ creators) are changing the game — and integrating lesbian stories, sex, and adventure with in the offerings.  Most of the time, the lesbian story is the primary story and the story isn’t always just sex. Several lesbian sex games over the depth of the lesbian experience, from women experiencing dating women for the first time and experimenting with lesbian sex toys to animated tales of witches, elves, and sex in futuristic settings. Sometimes there’s a male protagonist, sometimes female, sometimes nonbinary. And, often, you can switch between characters within the same game.

Common Characteristics of Online Lesbian Games

There are Different Pay Tiers


Porn games have an array of payment restructures that also represent the diversity of content and studios and studios producing them.

There are many games that are free to download and play, with no strings. Then there’s freemium, where the download and play are free but include some built-in extras that require payment to take advantage of.

Pay options are extensive as well, including selecting single games and subscribing to platforms that offer a wide range of lesbian sex games and hundreds of others.


You Control the Action


No matter the actual content of the lesbian sex game you choose, chances are much of the plot and all of the action can be in your control.   The games you likely already love: RPGs, MMOs, and even more scripted narrative lesbian sex often let you dictate conversations, which character you play or are tailored so you can pick exactly what you want to see and even be an active participant in. Duo, threesomes — even solo fun — are all options within most gameplay. Customizable can sometimes be used as more of a marketing tool rather than an actual feature that enhances a sex game’s playability and appeal. You’ll find actual customizable features permeating through lesbian games. Even relationship simulations boast remarkable customization from top to bottom, even done to thousands of clothing options (which, you know, will almost always come off eventually).


They Reflect Exactly What You’re in the Mood For 


They’re not exactly ‘PG,’ but there are a good number of lesbian sex games that are relationship simulators and others that are decidedly and unabashedly more graphic. Curious about a particular fetish? There are lesbian sex games for that too, whatever it is.  The choice is yours day to day about what you want to play – and that’s a great thing.


The Graphic Design is Simply Amazing 


Gone are the days of online or mobile porn games that leave a lot to be desired. Now they leave you wanting more. The graphics are what make many of the top lesbian sex games, well, the top.  These are games with graphics that really pop and engage, usually in HD or with the latest in 3D capabilities. We’re not just talking about the sweeping saga games or role-playing adventure approaches to lesbian sex games. The aforementioned lesbian sex simulation games? The graphics are surprisingly striking there, too, and you’ll be blown away by what anime sex games offer visually.

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