Best Sex MMO Games: Top Massively Multiplayer Online Porn Games

What’s better than playing a sex game? Playing with a friend — or maybe several 100 people you don’t know. Porn games become a group activity when you go the massively multiplayer online, or MMO, route. MMOs are among the most popular mainstream games (“World of Warcraft,” anyone?). They have permeated the world of sex games, offering highly interactive experiences with multitudes of fellow players joining in on the fun. The best MMO sex offers the same immersive fun of sex games in general — just on a huge scale. MMO sex games can have common settings or take you into majestic fantasy lands. The best part: It’s all up to you. takes the win on this years top MMO Massively Multiplayer Online porn game! Fill with detailed and graphic sex scenarios that might be too extreme for some players. Start living out your most depraved fantasies through this award winning MMO sex game!

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Sex MMO Guide

Comparison and Advice

What is MMO Exactly?

Basically, an MMO sex game is anything that includes multiple players. They can have 10, 100, 10,000, or even millions of players in a game at the same time.

There are different variations on MMO. MMORPG stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Not all MMOs use role-playing, but many of the best MMO sex games do.

There are also sex games that are RPGs, but are technically not MMOs. Got it?

So what does that all mean when it comes to sex games?

It’s communal and highly interactive, featuring people engaged in the same type of activity or story at the same time.  The best MMO sex can simulate the real world or can be set in the past, the future, space, and invented worlds.

MMO sex games are perfect for those who generally enjoy MMO or MMORPG games such as “World of Warcraft,” but it doesn’t mean it’s not accessible to the average sex game player. Here, you get to be creative and encounter the unexpected each time you play.

You can navigate the dating scene in a crowded bar or fight monsters and armies. You meet and talk with other players — not to mention have sex with them. If you want.

MMO sex games are something of a niche, but it’s easy to find play that appeals to every taste. There are free downloads available and others with one-time costs to play (some have in-play expenses).

And a good number of websites are now compiling different types of MMO sex games, so you can review all of your options in one place. 

Popular Themes of MMO Games 

If you think MMO sex may be for you, there are many options to choose from, but a big category is “chat and dating” MMO sex.

Chat and Dating

It may sound tame, but MMO sex dating and chat games can be extremely fulfilling, with sexual encounters that are inventive and surprising. This MMO sex category is like a giant mingling party with hundreds of other people you know who also have sex on their minds.

You can meet people from around the world, enjoy realistic simulated sex and stay engaged through high-definition graphics and 3D.


A subcategory of chat and dating MMOs is a role-playing world that is like a very adult “Sim City.” These are community environments where you can be anything you want to be, have any job you want — minus the censorship. Some of these “city” MMOs are based around virtual words with cartoon inhabitants. There are also high-tech variations, which include virtual currencies and integrate virtual reality headsets.

Endless Options of MMO Sex

The best MMO sex mixes a player’s control over the environment with the unexpected that comes with playing with millions of others.

For example, you can pick where you go — a beach, Paris, a castle, a BDSM dungeon, a strip club — and what you want to use when you get there. The number of sex toy options and body types and characteristics of players is truly impressive in MMO.

Role-playing MMO takes that up several notches, integrating storylines that can be surprisingly dark and mysterious, such as crime and violence. Many are more upbeat and focused on fun and interesting conversation.

MMO sex has your tastes in mind. Virtually every type of sex fetish and kink is on the table. You can play as virtually anyone, too: a pimp, a cartoon, a woman, a man. There’s gay sex and transexual sex and pretty much everything in between.

5 Things to Consider When Looking for the Best MMO Sex 

How Interactive You Want to Be 

MMO sex thrives when its players are engaging. There are different levels of interaction in the different types of games.

If meeting new people and chatting is your thing, go for one of those games. If you’re interested in a specific kink or crave being deeply immersed in fictional or fantasy worlds, go for that type of MMO.

How Into Role-Playing You Are 

Many MMOs are based on role-playing, and many people look for it when searching for MMO sex.

The role-playing runs the gamut from picking out different clothes to wear or switching your own body type, to portraying a prostitute or becoming a monster. You know what kind of experience will be best for you.

How You Want To Play

Even MMO sex is playable with Android or iOS, but the scope of some games may be best suited for a tablet or desktop computer. That also greatly depends on whether virtual reality and 3D are integral to gameplay.

How Much You Want to Spend

Like other porn games, MMO runs the gamut between free downloads and relatively expensive subscriptions.

These games can be highly addictive, and developers know that, but they all don’t have to break the bank. Also, be aware that options for in-game spending are also common — and easy to get sucked into.

The Type of Sex You’re Interested In

Many of the MMO games in the porn world are appealing because you can pretty much try any type of position or fetish you have your heart set on.

Other MMO sex offerings may be heavily focused on specific sexual activity, such as BDSM or sex with dolls or with non-humans.

Be sure to look around a game to find out exactly what may be in store.


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